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Tuesday 2 April 2013

Value of physical labour

By Novice Rakesh Mondol
I went to Loyola Jayanti Vidyapith, Bankura, for two weeks of work experiment.  This was the last experiment for my novitiate life.  I was determined to give my best.  It was a wonderful opportunity for me to experience the struggle of the daily labourers.  Now I understand more deeply the value of hard work of the poor and every single rupee they earn.
The work was quite tough for me in the beginning.  As the days went by the physical energy also reduced but the desire and enthusiasm did not diminish.  Even though we were only three yet we could do a good amount of work.  I learnt that we can do a lot of things together.  There were difference of opinions yet we were united as a group.  I think that working together despite our differences is the core of our Jesuit community life.  I am happy that this experiment has helped me to understand that.
On the whole this experiment, though a short one, was very helpful for my growth.

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