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Saturday 13 July 2019

Novitiate community picnic to Noorpur

To celebrate the entry of the new novices after their First Probation, the Novitiate community of Dhyan Ashram went on a picnic to Nurpur on July 6 Saturday.  We took a bus to Noorpur and went to the home of MC Brothers, Nabajiban Ashram.  Br Martin, MC, the leader of the community, welcomed us warmly.  After some short refreshments, we were given a guided tour of the sprawling campus.
Later we went for a walk on banks of the river Hughli, enjoying the many sights along the way: fishermen with their nets trying for a catch, people on the boats and an occasional ship going towards Khiddirpore dock. The weather was good and so the walk was not tiring.
Back at Nabajiban Ashram, the brothers served us a delicious lunch.  Then some took rest, while others played a game or two of cards.  The most looked forward to event was a volleyball match with the brothers.  It was great fun, and not much competition.  The brothers were no match for the expertise of our second years.
We had a great day.  Deeply grateful to the MC Brothers for their generous hospitality.  Now back to Dhyan Ashram to begin classes.

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