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Wednesday 27 March 2013

I have encountered the suffering Christ

By Novice Rintu Mondol

I was at Shantinagar Leprosy Centre for my month long hospital experiment, where I encountered the suffering and rejected Christ among the people.  The gospel according to Luke says, “He has filled the hungry with good things and sent the rich away empty”.  The people of Shantinagar are poor but the treasure which they have is something that many rich people don’t have. That treasure is a simple heart full of love and affection.
Shantinagar hospital experiment was one of the most enriching and fruitful experiences in my life.  It is a leprosy centre looked after by the MC Sisters.  In the beginning I had a feeling of repugnance and hesitation to come closer to the patients and to talk with them.  I was terrified by looking at their physical deformities and huge wounds with worms crawling all over them.  But as the days went on, their tearful eyes and the feeling of being unwanted penetrated my heart.  Slowly I fell in love with them.  They embraced me with a great affection.  I ask God to grant me the desire to satiate His burning thirst by loving Him ardently, sharing His suffering joyfully and serving Him wholeheartedly in the poor, especially those who are unloved and unwanted.

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