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Saturday 30 March 2013

Working together brought me closer to my companions

By Novice Justin Kandulna

After my school final, I seemed to be at cross roads.  I had to earn money if I wanted to study further.  On the other hand, I had a very strong desire to join the Society.  I did not know whether to work and study first, or to join the Society.  I did not want the financial problem to be a deciding factor.  My mind was crowded with thoughts and conflicts.  Finally I chose to work and study first.  My priority was to earn as much money as I could.  I worked hard for two years in various fields.  I learnt a lot about how to work.  My work was good and well appreciated.  I also grew more in humility, sincerity and obedience.
It was on this background that I had my last experiment of the novitiate in Bankura last month.  It was working on the field for just two weeks.  These two weeks of work experiment helped me to identify how God transforms and mould our hearts in and through open, sincere and hard work.
While going to Bankura, I noticed many things happening in my mind.  I was thinking that I have worked hard for a long time so I can do all the work.  I wanted to prove myself by working hard; but even after knowing all this, I was afraid and reluctant.  But as my companions and I started our work, I became very relaxed.  Days were passing quickly and I grew more in sincerity.  During work or free time, while reflecting, appreciating, encouraging and accepting each one’s plans and ideas, I felt strengthened.  My heart was filled with happiness, zeal and enthusiasm for working together. 
I did not really expect that I would have such a wonderful experience.  I am very grateful to my companions for their support and inspiring words.  God has really rewarded me with his showers of blessings.

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