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Monday 26 August 2013

Our Sunday Ministry

Rintu Mondol, NSJ

In the novitiate, we undergo different kinds of experiments through which we learn many things and gain many values for life. They provide us with experiences with the needy and poor, with sick people in a leprosy centre, with simple villagers, and with street children.  By doing these ministries we develop our spiritual life and gradually build up the foundation for a solid Jesuit life.  Our Sunday ministry is one among them through which we are not only being trained but also tested of our competency and talents.  During the ministry we do very simple and humble work and try to cultivate humility, willingness and readiness within us.

On Sundays the second year novices go to different villages for conducting prayer services for the faithful and for teaching catechism to the children.  It is an enriching experience.  Each Sunday there will be different experiences waiting for us.  We start with the prayer service.  Many people come and attend the prayers.  Feeling butterflies in my stomach, I manage to stand on my shivering legs.  But their way of praying and listening to me brings me a new enthusiasm.  Next comes teaching catechism to the children.  First of all to make them sit and shut their mouths requires a huge amount of patience and then to bring their attention to the Biblical stories is real hard labour.  It looks very simple but I have learnt the hard way that it is tougher than teaching the senior students.

Ministry does not mean the greatest work.  Rather it is the meanest and simple work.  On my Sunday ministry, I enjoy interacting with the villagers, especially their simple way of living, despite all the difficulties.  Their strong faith shows me a new meaning and teaches me many things.

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