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Monday 26 August 2013

The First Probation

Vinay, NSJ

The first couple of weeks in the Jesuit novitiate is a kind of a ‘coming of age’ time.  The new novices are kept separated from the rest of the community, to ponder over their decision to join the Jesuits.  It is a time for them to learn and understand the kind of life awaiting them in the novitiate.  In a way it is also a ‘cooling off’ period that facilitates a smooth transition from the homes that we left behind to our new home, the novitiate.

In the beginning of the Probation, I found it pretty difficult to follow the rules and to discipline myself.  But I learned it pretty fast with the help of the ‘guardian angel’, the good second year companion who was appointed to guide us through these days.  When the classes started, I was happy to hear about what a Jesuit vocation really meant, and was motivated by all that I heard.  I was also really touched by how much the Society really cares of each one of us.

After the first week of the probation, I made a general confession, which gave my heart a lot of spiritual consolation.  The three days of reflection and prayer that followed set the right note for the melody that is to follow for the rest of our two years of novitiate.  I already feel part of this big family.

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